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spoiler pictures

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this is a page about my new spoiler modified from one on a 1988 Ford Escort GT. about the only good thing on the car as a matter of fact.

giant wings are for airplanes not cars stupid!!

spoiler in raw form straight from junkyard
in this picture it's just sitting on car

as you can see there were some clearance issues
this required a lot of grinding

spoiler in flexible primer

spoiler painted

just sitting on car in raw form
the bottom edge required a lot of grinding also

the bottom edge of the spoiler required a lot of grinding to fit along the glass,most of the lip on the bottom side,had to be ground off. this is in raw form just sitting on the glass. below are some pictures of it in finished form on the car.
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please keep in mind the bodywork on this car isn't completly finished,so there are pieces of trim and such always being removed or such.  

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