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a couple of the projects i'm working on at the moment.

click on any thumbnail to open the picture full size in another window

new shifter project,  this involved removing the factory shift assembly,  this alone took almost eight hours of work, cutting off the factory shift lever about four inches from the top, milling a slot in it, fitting a piece of steel into the slot, hammering the two halves down over it,and welding it up. after it was welded,  the corners were ground off, and it was drilled and reamed for my custom aluminum shift handle. this was made more difficult by the fact it had a rubber center counter weight on the shift arm already. had to be very careful to avoid melting it.

this is the arm itself, this is machined from a solid piece of round bar stock aircraft aluminum. i'm waiting on a goofy cue ball to use as a shift knob at the moment.

shift arm

keeping a wet rag on the counterweight to keep it from melting while the steel cooled

keeping the counterweight from melting

finished arm assembly, I used AN bolts to hold the two pieces together. this moves the shifter up and towards me, also gives it a classic custom look.

finished shift assembly

arm is mounted for the time being to check fitment,  the console or boot isn't in at the moment.


the aluminum boot bezel i had made for the old shift arm wouldn't work with this arm,so i had to engineer a new one. couple of videos making the part.  


boring the hole to rough size

knurling the bezel

started with a once inch piece of round aluminum bar stock, faced the ends,center drilled and bored to rough size,then used a boring tool to go to the exact size. it was then knurled. it goes in the shift boot ,once it's turned inside out,  it gets secured with a wire tie, then the boot gets turned right side out.

all this mess to make one small part

finished trim bezel

it's in mocked up right now,without the shift knob of course.


Here are a few pctures of under the hood, I'm mocking up the Su project at the moment,as well as running AN lines for fuel,oil,coolant and vaccume. the aircleaners are made and on the carbs, just a million little things to do.  









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