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I couldn't find an air cleaner that fit in the space required for this setup,after a lot of trial and error, I ended up turning two air cleaners out of  6 inch,aluminum tailwheel hub castings.  I made a special tool to give the appearance of being ball milled while they were turned in the lathe. I machined out the centers,then made backing plates out of aluminum that had the proper holes and bolt pattern. here are a few pictures and one video

here is the video of working on the backing plates, this is an old clausing lathe that is as old as the hills.

some of the turning on the air cleaners


this is the first test turning of a hub. this one worked out ok,so now it's a paperweight on my desk. can't throw anything out.


test fitting on the carbs,the mesh is heavy gauge expanded stainless steel.


this  is the backing plate after turning, but before boring.  once it's screwed down the aircleaner goes over the jaws of  the lathe chuck, and the plate gets turned down.and the center hole bored. you can also see one of the air cleaner mesh pieces and the circlip in this picture



aircleaners installed on carbs, i painted the center mesh black later


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